Company Overview

One of the unique qualities of the Firestorm UAV is using an iRDF sensor package like the TigerStrike™  attached to a windows tablet that communicates with a similar unit on the ground providing a command and control capability for the search of any type of beacon. The ground based software allows an accurate perspective from the UAV  relative to the target location. This is done on a continuous basis requiring very little training or skill on behalf of the UAV pilot/observer team. This information can be networked to the command center or a separate UAV team for collaborated results. Firestorm UAV is the only ISR platform in the UAV market today in the under-50 pound category.


TigerStrike Lite

The New 121.5MHz Handheld Detector

TigerStrike Lite combines the most advanced applications of GPS and signal processing to locate 121.5 MHz beacons. A single vector reading from 2 fixed locations is often all that is required to pinpoint an ELT or other signal within an accuracy of 5 degrees. This location can be sent via cell phone to the operational base. Each vector is also transmitted via Bluetooth to the smartphone (equipped with the TigerStrike Lite Application) conveniently mounted on the top of the TigerStrike Lite unit. In seconds, rescuers will be provided with sophisticated analysis, route, ETA to the target area and other valuable information. TigerStrike’s advanced signal-smart technology will filter out ambient noise to more quickly identify an ELT signal and positively identify weak or partial signal reception. TigerStrike Lite was developed for first responders to locate a distress signal with pin point accuracy and speed unlike any other device. We all understand that every second is a heartbeat. TigerStrike Lite will enhance your arsenal for success against time every time!


By combining the power of mobile computing with Firestorm UAV’s  proven designs and artificial intelligence-powered software, the TigerStrike™ system represents a revolutionary new class of RDF technology called Intelligent Radio Direction Finding (iRDF™). Featuring unparalleled consistency, accuracy and much higher degree of reliability through one simple handheld interface, the TigerStrike™ can help save the lives of military personnel, law enforcement, firemen, and wandering Alzheimer’s patients, as well as hikers, skiers, and others who may become lost by dramatically increasing the speed with which distress or beacon signals can be located by search and rescue operators.

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