About Us

Why Choose Firestorm UAV?

We have been selected by professional companies, often exclusively, because of our history of excellence and experience in the industry.


We are innovators who can provide your professional search and rescue teams with the most advanced RDF tools available, so you can find those who may be in distress and save more lives. No matter whether they are Alzheimer’s patients, special needs children, lost aircraft, hikers or boaters, or our men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, we share your commitment to find them.

Our Innovations

When every second counts; speed, accuracy and a level head, together with the best RDF gear available, will increase your chances to get them home safe. Through the courage of our convictions, we created a brand new class of RDF technology called Intelligent Radio Direction Finding (iRDF™).

Design Features

Our unique patent pending iRDF™ system is the innovative merger of a rugged mobile computer, smart DSP, GPS, highly accurate digital compass, phased array antenna system and advanced radio receiver; all in one compact handheld device. Add its smart targeting and mapping software and you have the TigerStrike™. Keep your eye on us as our product line continues to grow with more to come in the future.

Working with Law Enforcement the from the beginning

We’re a large support of Law Enforcement, and that we can “Help you build a program for your agency, and help with Evaluating equipment, Implementation and training, and help you develop a standards manual to meet your agencies Policy and Procedure.