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TS9300 Press Release

July 11, 2017


Sarasota Florida USA – July 10, 2017 – – Firestorm UAV Inc. announced today it has delivered its third-generation iridium satellite phone hunter to Department of Homeland Security. The TigerStrike™ 9300 (TS 9300) was developed at the request of customs and border protection for the geolocation of High-Value Targets (HVTs).

The TS 9300 uses a software defined radio capable of detecting the RF signatures of the iridium satellite phone in the 1.6 GHz range. The custom targeting and mapping application that runs the Tigerstrike™ system provides a geolocation with only two lines of bearings or readings from the highly sensitive antenna and compass embedded in the body of the receiver. This is the only handheld Law Enforcement device that is capable of detecting iridium satellite phones, used by HVTs today.

This warrantless device comes at a time when our country is under great threat from those who believed they are untraceable because of the nature of the link to the satellite. Firestorm began to test the viability of hanging the TS 9200 underneath an Hexacopter UAV in 2015 with great success in extending the detection range of the TigerStrike™ technology.

The third generation TS 9300 is a collaborated effort with Satellite Engineers, who redesigned the multi-board design into a single board thereby reducing the weight and size of the TS 9300. The weight and size reduction allows the TS 9300 to stay aloft underneath the Gryphon Dynamics X8 multirotor UAV with 40% longer flight time of 24 minutes. The TigerStrike™ software is completely autonomous and runs on a Windows Panasonic tablet connected to a base station that controls the search and results in real time.

Firestorm UAV ISR and multi-range radio frequency direction-finding solutions to a number of markets including Law Enforcement and Military.

Announcing the TS9300

The Tigerstrike® radio direction finding solution is a warrantless sophisticated field tested and hardened device for locating potential targets that are utilizing that use iridium satellite phones and modems. All Firestorm™ systems are based on our Tigerstrike® “iRDF®” (intelligent Radio Direction Finding) system.

The Tigerstrike® 9300 series is out 3rd generation product has been designed to assist law enforcement in locating a variety of iridium devices and people within their jurisdiction.

By geo-locating each event, a pattern can be established based on the GPS coordinates for every intersection of two transmissions. The Tigerstrike® is capable of simultaneously detecting multiple transmissions of the communicators, locating them on its proprietary mapping system, and providing full visualization of the mission data.

With the advent of asymmetrical warfare, traditional methods of intelligence gathering and tracking individuals and groups has changed dramatically in the past decade. The fluid nature of the criminal element and its bases of operations demand a new methodology in ascertaining their location and activities. With advances in cell phone tracking, many criminal organizations are moving to a new technology in the form of Satellite radios. Agencies have seen an uptick in the use of Iridium handheld radios as a form of command and control in the criminal enterprise. Well-based regional or local organizations can use available off-the-shelf commercial or amateur radio handhelds with very sophisticated encryption technology. Until now there has not been a handheld tracking system for these push-to-talk radios, but with the Tigerstrike® technology, an information sharing network with wide ranging capabilities is now available.

Intelligence Gathering Activities

With Grow Operations and Meth Labs springing up in urban and rural environments, many of the High Value Targets (HVT) of these illegal operations have turned to Satellite radios because they believed they were untraceable. Tracking HVTs can be done at the southern border without a warrant because it only tracks the signal energy not audio. In a surveillance mode the Tigerstrike® 9300 can monitor and record the activity of these operators; thus producing a pattern that can be used to predict their future movements. In coastal and inland waterways where Panga boats or Narco Subs are used to smuggle illegal contraband or people, the Tigerstrike® 9300 is capable of detecting these Iridium Satphones at a distance of up to 6 miles line of sight. Ocean trials have confirm the distances.

The Tigerstrike® systems are COTS compliant and tested a Fort AP Hill to integrate in a network environment. This provides comprehensive intelligence in real time to other users of the Tigerstrike® product line, who may be participating and sharing data throughout the event. In field operations, a cell card or internal 4G cell modem can transmit and share location and solution data on either a peer to peer or server-based network.