TigerStrike Lite

TigerStrike Lite combines the most advanced applications of GPS and signal processing to locate 121.5 MHz beacons.

A single vector reading from 2 fixed locations is often all that is required to pinpoint an ELT or other signal within an accuracy of 5 degrees. This location can be sent via cell phone to the operational base.

Each vector is also transmitted via Bluetooth to the smartphone (equipped with the TigerStrike Lite Application) conveniently mounted on the top of the TigerStrike Lite unit. In seconds, rescuers will be provided with sophisticated analysis, route, ETA to the target area and other valuable information.

TigerStrike’s advanced signal-smart technology will filter out ambient noise to more quickly identify an ELT signal and positively identify weak or partial signal reception.

TigerStrike Lite was developed for first responders to locate a distress signal with pin point accuracy and speed unlike any other device.

We all understand that every second is a heartbeat. TigerStrike Lite will enhance your arsenal for success against time every time!


Emergency Locator Transmitters or ELT’s for aviation, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRBs for marine and Personal Locator Beacons or PLBs for hikers are used across the world in a wide variety of applications, mostly involving critical search and rescue operations. Often ground teams utilize an ELT or the others at 121.5 MHz despite the use of 406 satellite detection technology. The limitations of current technology often delays the rescue efforts. For instance, a ground team must take multiple readings, to triangulate the beacon’s location. Each reading increases time and odds of human error. Also, a weak beacon can make signal detection difficult.


Search and rescue missions can cost tens of thousands of dollars in manpower and equipment deployment, and if the mission does not find the target in a timely manner, the tragedy of the loss of life is immeasurable.

In recent tests with the US Navy, TigerStrike technology beat all other competitors. The designated target was a Navy Seal in the water miles away with only a locator beacon. The TigerStrike technology was able to locate the beacon within 2 minutes. Other companies failed to locate the beacon at all! Firestorm’s UAV was the only one that successfully took off and landed from the fantail of their Navy M80 ship!

The TIGERSTRIKE LITE is the first of it’s kind to combine a sophisticated antenna and receiver designs with a unique software package and instantly locates the signal.


• Handheld Receiver

• Variable IF and RF controls for fine tuning

• Adjustable Emergency 121.5 MHz and Test beacon of

• 121.775 MHz Frequencies (Used for training)

• Ease of Use with Flexible whip safety antennas

• Digital Signal strength meter

• Audio system with watertight speaker and ear plug jack

• Uses HB9CV antenna technology (Phased Array)

• Lightweight

• Integrated targeting and mapping software

• Uses android cell phone (lollipop or newer)

• Remote viewing is available from base

• Rugged mount for Cell Phone.

• Remote bearing trigger

• 6-AA batteries (10 hours of continuous use)

• Selectable GPS formats