The Tigerstrike®️ Technology

Tigerstrike Technology

The Tigerstrike® uses proprietary technology that provides unparalleled, multi-level functionality. Our system accommodates both geo-location from a GPS equipped emergency transmitter and radio transmission source direction finding including device ID if available.

An internal three axis compass accurate to .1°, coupled with the narrow line of bearing generated from the Tigerstrike® antenna system provides the operator with approximately 2° line of bearing (LOB) in the horizontal plane and 5° in the vertical plane. This allows the targeting software to determine the potential beacon location with a minimum of readings.

On-board GPS allows map-based vector creation in relation to the Tigerstrike® unit’s position.
Our network functionality allows Tigerstrike® units networked on the same mission to be integrated into the target solution of each device. This network capability also provides integration with the Tigerstrike® Command Software at the Mission Search Base.

Using the Tigerstrike®️ Technology we developed

TS 2020 Search And Rescue Device Aviation

TS 2020 6.5” TDOA (Time Delay of Arrival) – 406Mhz – Compatible with new SARSAT beacons, EPIRBS, PLR and military beacons, the TS 2020 is designed to fill a void in the SAR market. Search and rescue ground team members now have capability never before available to them.

Since the Tigerstrike™ is a portable device, it does not require either an STA or an STC to be used inside an aircraft. By using a 406 MHz antenna on an existing antenna mount, the Tigerstrike™ can display the results of the search on a tablet computer inside the airplane or helicopter. The Tigerstrike™ TS 2020 is the only receiver, airborne, mobile or handheld, that is capable of receiving the new upper band frequencies in the 406 MHz range.

Other manufacturers of 406 DF equipment must redesign their receivers to accept the full range of available 406 MHz beacon frequencies approved for use and in current production. The Tigerstrike™ TS 2020 is the only available device to detect all frequencies between 406 and 407 MHz.

Tiger Strike 2020