The Tigerstrike®️ Technology

Tigerstrike Technology

The Tigerstrike® uses proprietary technology that provides unparalleled, multi-level functionality. Our system accommodates both geo-location from a GPS equipped emergency transmitter and radio transmission source direction finding including device ID if available.

An internal three axis compass accurate to .1°, coupled with the narrow line of bearing generated from the Tigerstrike® antenna system provides the operator with approximately 2° line of bearing (LOB) in the horizontal plane and 5° in the vertical plane. This allows the targeting software to determine the potential beacon location with a minimum of readings.

On-board GPS allows map-based vector creation in relation to the Tigerstrike® unit’s position.
Our network functionality allows Tigerstrike® units networked on the same mission to be integrated into the target solution of each device. This network capability also provides integration with the Tigerstrike® Command Software at the Mission Search Base.

Using the Tigerstrike®️ Technology we developed

TS 9300 Iridium Satellite Phone Detector

With the advent of asymmetrical warfare, the traditional methods of intelligence gathering and tracking individuals or groups has changed dramatically in the past decade. The fluid nature of the criminal element and its bases of operations demand a new methodology in ascertaining their location and activities. With advances in cell phone tracking, many criminal organizations are moving to a new technology in the form of iridium satellite phones. Agencies have seen an uptick in the use of iridium sat-phones as a form of command and control in the criminal enterprise. Until now there has not been a handheld tracking system for these satellite phones, but with the Tigerstrike® technology, an information sharing network with wide ranging capabilities is now available.

The Tigerstrike® 9300 series is out 3rd generation product has been designed to assist law enforcement in locating a variety of iridium devices and people within their jurisdiction.

The Tigerstrike® radio direction finding solution is a warrantless sophisticated field tested and hardened device for locating potential targets that are utilizing iridium satellite phones and modems. All Firestorm ™ systems are based on our Tigerstrike® “iRDF®” (intelligent Radio Direction Finding) system. The targeting and mapping software runs on a windows based rugged tablet that automatically geo-locates the target after obtaining two line-of-bearing (LOB) vectors on the sat-phone received signal. The Tigerstrike® software then calculates the distance and location of the target from your location automatically.

By geo-locating each event, a pattern can be established based on the GPS coordinates for every intersection of two transmissions. The Tigerstrike® is capable of simultaneously detecting multiple transmissions of the communicators, locating them on its proprietary mapping system, and providing full visualization of the mission data.

TS9300 Satellite Phone Hunter
mission example ts 9300